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Prime Physical Therapy delivers top-quality physical therapy services, especially for the relief of minor or chronic back pain. We have a growing clientele in Baton Rouge, LA that has trusted us through the years. Our commitment is to bring reliable and effective physical therapy services to our patients with personalized care and without the expensive prices.

Here are some of the common forms of physical therapy treatment that we use for back pain cases:

• Passive Modalities—Our therapists use methods of treatment such as ice packs, heat application, and electrical stimulation. These are passive modalities to prepare the muscles before doing stretching or exercise routines. Ice packs are utilized to soothe the soft tissues and muscles.

• Active Modalities—We have specific exercises, as well as stretching routines, that are the focus of our back pain therapy sessions. For the most common lower back pain treatments, we use active exercises in our programs, particularly those designed to help patients recover from common back problems. Our exercises are likewise done to minimize or prevent future flare-ups or recurrences of lower back pain.

• After-Back Surgery Therapy—This is a special physical therapy program for patients who have undergone back surgery. We provide substantial treatment for post-back surgery cases, especially by strengthening and stabilizing the back through physical therapy. Our team specializes in treatment for patients who need both non-surgical and surgical care.

Prime Physical Therapy is the specialist in premium and trusted physical therapy services for back pain. We have modern facilities and professional therapists to handle each case with one-on-one care and attention.

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